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ITARC has built an outpatient and inpatient 24-hour hospital in the rural town of Longonot, Naivasha Sub-county, Kenya. Longonot is about 70 km (45 miles) for Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Although Longonot is not too far from Nairobi, it is a healthcare desert so access to healthcare is a major issue. ITARC acquired  3.6 acres  of land and have constructed about 380 square meters (4,088 square feet) of building space that is providing comprehensive outpatient services, maternity services, laboratory and imaging diagnostic services; and a pharmacy. The hospital officially opened its doors for business on Oct 4th, 2019. The plan is to gradually develop the medical clinic to a 250-bed hospital in 5 phases over an 8- year period.
Project Status
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Our vision

To provide access to comprehensive compassionate first-class healthcare services and improve the health of our rural communities, one person at a time.

Our Mission

We deliver world-class medical services to all patients

We reinvest a portion of our profits back into the community by subsidizing care for those that lack the ability to pay.

We provide compassionate care for underserved populations like children, women, and the elderly. 
We educate our communities through outreach programs to raise awareness on the importance of regular physicals, exercise, and diet.

Our Principles

  • Focus on health and Education.
  • Provide ongoing health management. 
  • Improve the overall health and vitality of our community
  • Contact information
  • Demonstrate compassion and personal excellence through teamwork.
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  • Operating  24 hours
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Medical Services

The Itarc medical hospital is committed to providing advanced, personalized care, laboratory services, access to medications for both acute and chronic problems and follow-up care to the community so they don't have to travel too far for their healthcare needs.